1. What is the step to get an item of clothing altered best?

  1. It is important to take the item of clothing with you so that the tailor can make all the necessary adjustments. For example if a pair of trousers or a skirt is too long the tailor can make it suitable for you by measuring you and reducing the hem line of the trousers or the skirt.
  2. Wash and dry the clothes through their normal cycle before you come. But with brand-new pants you can just tell to the tailor that it is not washed or/and dried. He will take account of it.
  3. Wear the right shoes. Some items of clothing you will wear with particular shoes. (But you don’t need to wear shoes for regular pants because we take a measurement top-down not bottom-up.)
  4. Know the look you want. Do you want the tailor to use the same kind of ‘cuffs’ that your jacket originally had, or just something ‘basic’? How about using the original, designer-frayed hem of the jeans you bought, only three inches ‘shorter’? Would you like a horizontal hem (straight across) or do you want it to come up a little ‘higher’ in the front, so your shoes peek out?
  5. Be prepared to pay upfront and be patient. The less you hurry the tailor the better quality is guaranteed.


2. What is the cost to shorten my pants?

The cost starts from $8.00 depending on the type of hem, bottom width and pickup date that is requested.

3. What kinds of hems are there?

Basically, there are three kinds of pant hems which are Plain hem, Special hem and Cover Stitch hem.
– Plain hem is when the bottom of the pants are folded and sewn together to create a new hem. So the original hem will be lost.
“Regular jean hem”, “Top stitch hem” and “Blind hem”  belong to this category.
It is very important not to wash and tumble dry on the pants(usually dress pants) hemmed by blind hem to prevent it from fraying on the hems.

Special hem is when  the original pant hem is cut off, the pants are shortened to the desired length  and the original hem is re-attached. So you will keep the original hem exactly as it is. “Euro hem” and “Original hem’ are these.

– Lastly, cover stitch hem is for spandex pants like yoga pants or track pants.
Those pants need to be hemmed with two or three stitch rows with a special sewing machine called cover stitch sewing machine.  A cover stitch sewing machine produces the cover stitch for hems and for joining  seams on knitwear. On the outside of the garment, the stitch consists of two or three rows of stitching. On the inside, the rows are connected with an overlock  stitch. Because of this special stretching quality of spandex fabric, you must take care not to stretch it out of shape as you sew  it.

sewing machine principle

4.How long will my alteration take?

Although the pick up dates would be based upon the amount of work and the level of difficulties required for the alteration, our goal is to be completed as soon as customer requests. [Usually it will be 2 days turn around for pants hem, 4 to 5 days for tops and jackets and 6 to 7 days for dresses and coats.]

5. How much is it other than Pants hems?

Although we are trying to offer customers the best prices and qualities, we can not quote until we see your garments.  So why don’t you bring it in to our shop?

Seamstress Susan

6. Do I need an appointment to get my clothing altered?

Usually no,  just bring your garments in to our shop and then we will offer the best options and quotes for you but if your garment is a formal dress or dress suits then we prefer your appointment for us to make estimation and measurements after you putting it on in our fitting room.
For your appointment just email us to stitchkorner@gmail.com with your date and time rather than calling us by phone.

7. How does Stitch Korner guarantee it's quality?

Should a mistake occur, we will fix the alteration right away at no  charge.
If the mistake  cannot be fixed, new garments will be replaced with original receipt or will be refunded to a fair, mutually agreed value and the customer should leave us the item for us to keep. But we can not help with the customer’s every whim and caprice.

8. What if I can't pick up my articles on time?

Don’t worry we will keep your items safely 30 days more after your pickup date.But we are not responsible for your items unclaimed more than 30 days.

9. Do you do dry cleaning as well?

Sorry we don’t do dry cleaning any more.